Vietnam Black / Brz * Best Seller * NAM-001

Vietnam Black / Brz * Best Seller * NAM-001
Item# NAM-001

Product Description

Good news. I invested in US for a change. I made 3 new Vietnam Black/Silver and Black/Bronze rings. Too many of us are getting old and I wanted to make sure this time in our history is remembered. I served stateside at an Air Training Command, but so many who went over were not honored as they should. Now I feel things have begun to change where that was the last war every household felt personally with the draft. WELCOME HOME !

NOTE: If you want Gold Firing please use the ADD-ONs to get whatever you desire.

* 100% Hypoallergenic Solid Back Stainless Steel

* 3D "die struck" emblem for enhanced detail and durability.

* Emblem affixed with a special Loctite structural adhesive for maximum adhesion.

* Created by a Master Mason, Vietnam Veteran, and Master Craftsman.

* Hand-sculpted after drilling, lathing, grinding, and polishing.

* More affordable than gold or platinum. Stainless steel is virtually indestructible.