NEW Skull Pillars G Ant. Silver/Blue MM-181

NEW Skull Pillars G Ant. Silver/Blue MM-181
Item# MM-181

Product Description

NOTE: This is a dress ring as all rings that have color in them. Due to your incredible support of this ring I made one in BLUE to represent our BLUE LODGE for Brother's who prefer that color ring. I hope you like the two new rings.

* 100% Hypoallergenic Solid Back Stainless Steel

* 3D die struck Antique Silver enamel emblem

* Emblem affixed with a special Loctite structural adhesive for maximum adhesion.

* Created by a Master Mason, Vietnam Veteran, and Master Craftsman.

* Hand-sculpted after drilling, lathing, grinding, and polishing.

* More affordable than gold or platinum. Stainless steel is virtually indestructible.