All Seeing Eye Silver/Black Big Mans Rectangle MM-284

All Seeing Eye Silver/Black Big Mans Rectangle MM-284
Item# MM-284

Product Description

NEW DESIGN CONCEIVED BY BROTHER MARK RUSSELL This is one of my larger ring designs that hold my largest emblems next to the Big Man's Antique, but I cannot always think of things Brothers might like. I do give credit where it is due, so thanks Brother Mark for this ring being available to those Brother's who like a ring with substance, but comfortable. This came out super!

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* 100% Hypoallergenic Solid Back Stainless Steel

* Hard Baked Enamel emblem for durability and rich colors.

* Emblem affixed with a special Loctite structural adhesive for maximum adhesion.

* Created by a Master Mason, Vietnam Veteran, and Master Craftsman.

* Hand-sculpted after drilling, lathing, grinding, and polishing.

* More affordable than gold or platinum. Stainless steel is virtually indestructible.

* Each ring requires 4-6 weeks from order and payment for delivery. I will not put one Brother in front of another over any lack of patience.

Hand made rings take a lot of time to make. Please afford every Brother the same chance to get a great ring in a timely manner. Fraternally, Brother John