New Contemporary Black/Silver Enamel SQ-VG MM-272

New Contemporary Black/Silver Enamel SQ-VG MM-272
Item# MM-272

Product Description

*** Please, DO NOT ORDER your ring without reading the HOME page first. Stainless steel has very specific requirements and you must read the front page before ordering your ring. Thank you. Fraternally, Brother John ***

This ring color reminds me of the old English black/silver colored stones of the 60-90's and maybe even earlier. It is almost an OXY-MORON ring in its nature, being that of a contemporary design with a historical precedence. That was my thought for this color. Lets start on the "Level." Br. John

To avoid this question, yes, if you prefer the ring design associated with the best selling ring, MM-067, Contemporary Blue, just ask in comments or go order that ring and in comments request the silver/black color.

* 100% Hypoallergenic Solid Back Stainless Steel

* Hard Enamel Silver trim on a Black Background. Emblem.

* Emblem affixed with a special Loctite structural adhesive for maximum adhesion.

* Created by a Master Mason, Vetnam Veteran, and Master Craftsman.

* Hand-sculpted after drilling, lathing, grinding, and polishing.

* More affordable than gold or platinum. Stainless steel is virtually indestructible.