LODGE RINGS 10 FOR $ 899.99

LODGE RINGS   10 FOR $ 899.99
Item# LR001

Product Description


Lodge or Organizational Checks or Cashiers Checks Preferred

Online orders are restricted to 10 stainless steel rings only. Please email me before placing any order. I do not normally accept LODGE RING ORDERS through the website. Call me or email me for further information.

Great to have recently made a ring for a Combat group that helps those with PTSD. I am not putting the name up due to their request for privacy, but it is very honorable work which I am happy to have been a small part.

To get a personalized ring for your Lodge I require a minimum order of 10 rings. The total for these 10 orders will be $899.99.

All rings must be pre-paid and order information verified before we begin.

I will overnight ship the rings to you for safety and security for $35.00.

This is a great idea for any Lodge, so get your 10 Brother's together and have your own Lodge rings.

* Can we order more than 10 rings. Ans. Yes, but you must do it off the website and email me for details. I prefer this be done by MAIL and send a CHECK FROM ONLY ONE BROTHER HANDLING THE ORDER. Email me at: john@jemsbyjem.com

* Can we do custom Lodge designs. Yes, but at your own risk. I have great success with keeping things simple and just changing the text to match your Lodge. Any other CUSTOM ORDER the rings will be regular $99.99 each due to the time it take for proofs and such. In short, please do not ask for anything else but the template ring shown.

* I ship all the rings to the Lodge's designated representative who handles the order process.

* Each Brother MUST have recently verified their ring size. NO EXCEPTIONS. If I must remake a ring because the Brother did not get the size right, it will be $45 to that Brother with return of the ring. I recently had a Brother order a size 7 and then find out he wore a size 9. This does not work with stainless steel rings as they cannot be resized and certainly not stretched out like this case.

* Checks and money orders are preferred, however if you order online using a credit card you can do it here for the first 10 rings.

* This item is non-refundable. It costs us too much to have a custom emblem made and make 10 rings only to have someone return them. Everyone has been happy except one Constable's office which I had to refund. I cannot afford to do that since it is our bread and butter literally.

* We are a very small business helping Brother's get affordable quality rings. Please read all the information so you can be sure to provide good information.

* Any sizes that cannot be provided in the order form, just put that information in the COMMENTS section during checkout.

* It takes 8-10 weeks to get the information, process the emblem order and make the rings at which time I will ship them EXPRESS MAIL.

Thank you and your Lodge Brethren for your cooperation in making your Lodge rings something to remember and enjoy.

Thanks, Brother John