Law Enforcement Black/Gold Emblem MM-156

Law Enforcement Black/Gold Emblem MM-156
Item# MM-156

Product Description

** Story of the Law Enforcement Masonic Rings ***

These three rings, the Law Enforcement Blue, Thin Blue Line and Black have been great for Law Enforcement Officers. I have no idea what it is that makes everyone select these over the one that is a badge and says Police at the top, but that is fine.

This is what makes our Police Officer Brethren comfortable and they have enough to worry about. I am glad this ring is enjoyed by so many.

I simply forgot to put this ring up on the website. How, old man in his dodage is my guess. Anyway, here it is now my Brothers. Look forward to seeing your orders.

Remember, 4-6 weeks after payment and verification of ring size is received.

I have a Fraternal Order of Police stickers on my cars from donations, but would love to find out how to get permission for us to market a FOP Masonic ring we made. Any officers who can assist would be great. Thanks, Brother John