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*** This is only a sample style, but any ROUND ring on the site can be upgraded to Titanium ***

Nearly every single Titanium ring site sells wedding bands. In fact I have yet to see one site that sells a normal ring style made in Titanium. It is hard to cut, but can be done with a drill press, lathe, grinder, dremel drill bits and a TON OF TIME and patience.

On my Master Mason page you can use the drop down ADD-ON BOX to order Titanium. All other rings please use this link I made to make it EASY for you to order Titanium Round rings.

How this ring came to be. In the past we used to grind this ring, however, it took 3-4 times the material and time to make one ring. I spent a year trying to find a way to make even a simple round Titanium ring and not have to spend HOURS and HOURS making it. After a year of research, I found one person who would make me a whole size range of ROUND ONLY Aircraft Grade Titanium rings by computer.

Yes, the computer was extremely "precise" and the Titanium was very expensive, but I know the only way to keep growing is to offer new things to Brothers.

Why round rings only? Ans. Because it takes a TON of time on a regular grinder and that includes grooving them, so this is not an option, so PLEASE DO NOT ASK. YOu can find a TON of wedding bands all over the web. This is totally unique to JEMSBYJEMS.

Why are they more expensive? This is not a normal ring, but computer generated, not lathed. You will find Titanium from $50 to $350, but none that are not simple lathed wedding bands. Having my rings made in by a computer in volume I can cut the cost down to $189.99 per ring total price. I know this is not cheap, but if you want Titanium, it is expensive. Computers cannot groove rings yet and I am getting too old to fool with it. Just not going to spend that much time. Round rings are my most popular style, so round was my goal.

Can I GOLD FIRE my Titanium? No. I do not recommend it until I work out the kinks. It is meant to be a unique ring in itself. It needs no add-ons to make it special.

What is Aircraft Grade Titanium?

Short Version: It is much lighter, more durable and not as temperature sensitive as stainlesss steel. This is SPACE AGE material and not cheap. If you want a super high-tech ring made of very high tech material this is for you.

Long Version: Titanium rings are jewelry rings or bands which have been primarily constructed from titanium. The actual compositions of titanium can vary, such as "pure" (99.2% titanium) or "aircraft grade" (primarily, 90% titanium, 6% aluminum, 4% vanadium). Even with these variations in composition and materials, titanium rings are commonly referred to as such if they contain any amount of titanium.

Rings crafted from titanium are a modern phenomenon, becoming widely available on the market around the 1990s. Titanium rings offer several unique properties:
* Biocompatible (hypoallergenic)

* Super Lightweight

* Corrosion-resistant

* Has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal.

Titanium rings CANNOT BE RESIZED, so be sure you have a proper sizing when you order your ring. Use same methods described for my stainless rings.
Enjoy your new Titanium ring. Allow 3-4 weeks for your Titanium ring. I still have work to do on them and their are always others in line ahead of you, so you are not paying for speed, you are paying for the material. Thank you. Fraternally, Brother JEM