WELCOME ! You are invited to view the online catalog of unique stainless steel / titanium rings. Order you rings using my ONLINE ORDER FORM, telephone, or send me a check or money order.

My name is Brother John E. Morrow, hence, JEM, a USAF Vietnam Veteran Stateside, Air Training Command, 25 year Master Mason, former long term Lodge Secretary both in Office and Pro-tem, 32nd Degree and Shriner .

I want to tell you a few things BEFORE YOU ORDER one of my rings that will help both of us. This began as more of a hobby, but now it is a small business providing affordable quality stainlness steel rings for Fraternal and Military Brother's and Sisters. This business has allowed me to bring a quality affordable alternative along with many of my personally totally unique designs. ( NOTE: In recent years I have seen my own designs on other sites, so sadly I must yield to the bigger companies as I am too small to afford lawsuits even on copyrighted material. Not all are honorable sadly.)

I really want to keep it as enjoyable, stress free as possible and keeping me off disability by having this small business. I am must ask for between 3 - 4 weeks for my rings to be completed and shipped to you. If it does not meet my final inspection I will start it from scratch. Please be patient. Over twenty years of ring making and repeat customers speaks for itself. My customers and Brethren are my Obligation to which I hold dear.

It takes me a few hours to make each ring. I am not very fast and I make each one in the order that I receive it, but quality takes time, so patience please if you are new to JEMSBYJEM.


I really need your correct ring size. There is only ONE real accurate sizing method I recommend. Please go to Walmart, Kmart, Costco or a store that sells jewelry but not necessarily a jeweler. The REASON, it is almost fool proof if you do your part and while using their standard flat metal sizers, you look at the size and give me the nearest quarter. That gives me the most accurate starting point which remains in my records that currently go back to 2004 and often used by Brethren wanting a new style.

Your local jeweler is not going to resize stainless steel. Stainless steel or Titanium must be remade completely. I have to make a whole new ring and that is going to cause any Brother to wait that much longer with added cost for remakes.


Please, DO NOT SURPRISE HIM with a ring you think might be the right size. Have his finger sized. He will be a lot happier with a ring that fits when he receives it.

** THIS APPLIES TO ALL - RECENTLY BROTHERS ARE ASKING THIS AND THIS IS NOT PART OF THE CUSTOM RING ORDER ** Please don't ask me to swap the ring you ordered with one you think you like better after you get the one you ordered. I don't charge much per ring so please just order another one that suits that need.

I make each ring one at a time. No ring comes out perfect nor are any two rings just alike. To all Brother Masons, they fall within the length of my cable-tow.

I do the best I can on each ring. Each ring is personal to me because a Brother is out their wearing it. Fifteen years of ring making for many Brothers has me grateful that most of my business is repeat or referrals. That means a lot to me.

TELEPHONE ISSUES Due to telephone companies issues I am not going to receive any calls until after the April 15th. It has been down about a week, first time in 22 years. All I can say is it will be back up soon. For now try to reach out through the web email: john@jemsbyjem.com

Thank you. You will not regret the extra effort. Brother John

Our contact information
By email:
Business email address: jemorrow@sbcglobal.net

By standard mail:
John E. Morrow
207 Neyland St.
Houston, TX 77022-4425


Shipping Information: I use US Priority Mail Flat Rate large envelopes for USA and EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL for International Customers.

Refund or Remakes Due To Size Correction Policies: I very rarely have any refund requests so that is fine if it is still on order.

If you do not follow sizing instructions and get the size wrong I ask for return of the original ring and have your finger sized as requested on the HOME PAGE and in the RING VERIF email you reply to when getting your place in line. I charge $45.00 plus $7.95 shipping per remake.

Thank you. Fraternally, Brother John