Historical Square and Compass Antique Brz * TITANIUM * Ring MM-174T

Historical Square and Compass Antique Brz * TITANIUM * Ring MM-174T
Item# MM-174T

Product Description

*** TITANIUM SIZES AVAILABLE: 6-16 in half size increments. ***

These are the ONLY sizes available, so PLEASE DO NOT ASK if out of the size range.

USE ADD-ON FEATURE FOR GOLD FIRING - It is very unique Gold Firing Titanium. See the example of the Memento Mori MM-1032T Titanium ring that is gold fired. It is much more of a "honey gold" than the normal gold firing, so it is very unique.

I wear a size 13 and have big hands so I do not usually take a picture with my fingers in it. I did it this time because it showed the exacting nature of the Titanium ring along with the detail in the emblem.

* Aircraft Grade Titanium.

* 3D Antique Bronze 9/16" emblem "die struck" for enhanced detail and durability

* Emblem affixed with a special Loctite structural adhesive for maximum adhesion. Of course always use caution when working with solvents and your ring. Any adhesive breaks down with solvents, but I have thousands of Brother's out there wearing them for many years, so no a big problem, just a word of caution.

* Created by a Master Mason, 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason, Shriner, Vietnam Veteran ATC Stateside, and Master Craftsman.

* These Titanium rings are only found on my site. I had them specially made using precision computer software. I could only get them up to size 16, end of story, and only in a round design to fit many of my rings. * More affordable than gold or platinum. TITANIUM is virtually indestructible AND has properties that I consider superior to stainless steel.

1. It is much more resistant to scratching than stainless steel that is highly polished. 2. It is much lighter than stainles steel. 3. It has a teflon making it a very unique ring to wear. 4. It is not nearly as temperature variant, such that in very cold weather, stainless steel gets very cold too, but Titanium maintains closer to a body temperature.

In short, it was a big investment to make to have this available for all the Brethren. Sizing is best ordered in quarter sizes. If you need a size 10, just as in all my rings I will get within a quarter of the exact size. A quarter of a ring size measures 0.3mm INNER DIAMETER, so it is beyond my cable-tow to promise exact sizes 100 percent of the time, so expect a quarter plus or minus.

I tried on a size 12.50 on a colder day in Houston this year which was about 50 degrees and although I normally wear a size 13.5, I was able to get the 12.5 on being a bit snug, so a quarter size "literally" changes from day to day depending on weather, water retention, etc.. Please just follow the instructions on the HOME PAGE for sizing. I have done this a long time and my business is driven mostly by word of mouth, so it is my customers that make me successful being a one man small business. Thank you. Brother John

This is the last time I will order such a volume of this unique ring due to increasing costs, so get it while it is available. This is not your normal bands style found all over the internet, but specifically made to precise specs leaving me close to 1mm of front surface to be sure the face never gets to thin. The rest of the ring falls where the computer takes it to achieve my needed thin face for best fit and comfort.