32nd Degree Round Black/Gold Enamel ** Gold Fired Shown ** SR-004

32nd Degree Round Black/Gold Enamel ** Gold Fired Shown ** SR-004
Item# SR-004

Product Description


GOOD NEWS: This statement about not being able to Gold Fire Titanium is no longer correct. I can now make Titanium rings and GOLD FIRE them. They are very different from the normal stainless gold color being much more yellow and honey colored, but I have several Brothers now wearing more than one, so they are well received after months of careful testing to be certain this works. I do recommend viewing a GOLD FIRED Titanium ring on the Master Mason page so you can see the difference. Off hand the Memento Mori ring has it in both colors.

Please note that for GOLD FIRING or TITANIUM you must use the ADD-ON to receive your ring either of these ways. If not, the order will be processed in regular stainless steel. Thank you for your efforts. Brother John

OLD STATEMENT NO LONGER VALID: Titanium cannot be GOLD FIRED, so if you prefer GOLD FIRING on your ring, please do not select Titanium.

* 100% Hypoallergenic Solid Back Stainless Steel or Titanium

* Hard Baked Enamel Emblem.

* Emblem affixed with a special Loctite structural adhesive for maximum adhesion.

* Created by a Master Mason, Vietnam Veteran, and Master Craftsman.

* Hand-sculpted after drilling, lathing, grinding, and polishing.

* More affordable than gold or platinum. Stainless steel is virtually indestructible.