32nd Degree Gold/Blk Crown S & C SKP Grooved ** GOLD FIRED SHOWN *** SR-024

32nd Degree Gold/Blk  Crown S & C SKP Grooved ** GOLD FIRED SHOWN *** SR-024
Item# SR-024

Product Description

** Story of the 32nd Degree Blue Lodge Mason ***

* You can order with or without Gold Firing in the Add-Ons. Some prefer the gold/blk emblem on regular stainless steel. It is a great looking ring any way you prefer it to be made. ( see below for grooves info)

This ring came about because so many of my Brother's attend Blue Lodge regularly whilst being very loyal to the Scottish Rite, myself included.

Although everyone can be called a "Blue Lodge Mason" to some sorts, some of us, myself included, go to Blue Lodge much more than I go to the Scottish Rite or Shrine.

That is not because I do not love the SR or Shrine who I believe in donating to regularly and attending as often as allowed. It is simply a preference for the Blue Lodge degrees and their opening the door to other potential Mason's to seek these other higher degrees of more light.

Take it as you will. I personally LOVE this ring.

* You CAN order it with the grooves, or a simple SIGNET style like the Blue Lodge Bronze.

Remember, 4-6 weeks and get that finger sized before ordering to the nearest quarter size. No exceptions or you pay $45 remake charge with return of your ring. Thanks for your understanding. Fraternally, Brother John